Tuesday, June 15, 2010

most people who don’t blog do not have that many stories to tell, but if you do blog because it is the only story you have in your life, by all means, stop blogging and start living! =^.^=

Happy Tuesday everyone! I am back to my daily routine before something exciting happens again. The June holiday was a blast (which explains why i didn’t have time to blog, I was busy living my life =^.^=), but as for all things good, this also had to end. It feels so abrupt. Only few days ago I was beaming with the anticipation for my parents, siblings and cousin sisters arrival, today, I am back living my normal life… typing, reading and studying most of the time… and a bit of blogging of course..ahakz.

Now, as a picture editing addict and a sucker for all things pretty and perfect I have of course taken thousands of photos while my family was here. it seems like my likeness of photography only present with the presence of people that I like.. rasanya semua orang pun macam ini, kan.. ( i think everyone is like this, anyway). so i might also put them here rather than letting them go to waste in the hard drive..

aweenrina pasar aweenrinarumahmerah2 awenrinanani bunga raya dd ee fir oren omar aiman mushroom omarbuku2 oren    

these pictures were all taken in front of my house, believe it or not.. owh, some of it dekat pasar fresh canning vale as well.. the people in the pictures are Reena, Aween, Nani, Emak, Omar, Fir & Aiman. A gorgeous bunch people. if there are flowers, i will surely have picked them first.. Aween and Nani are my cousin sisters.

maknani nani demam

Pity Nani, she was actually having a flu… maybe because she missed her mommy so much… well, of course, she’s only 11…who is accustom to be flying halfway around the world without their mommies at this age..salut you Nani!

-Araluen park-

Another gorgeous photography depicting the beautiful autumn weather… Subhanallah… more importantly, I am in some of the pictures..=^.^=

aiamn sunagi 2 aiman ayah tea time aiman glove aiman log duduk aiman omar toilet aiman peluk mak ana aiman sungai2 ana anak sungai ana fir berdua ana meja piknic ana rina aween kusi pink ana tangga ana araluen pond aween nani bangku

i like my red trench… it matches the browning leaves so perfectly and also gives a great contrast to the green background and i think the first picture with Aiman standing at the river-waterfall is just divine.

aween rina depan kedai aween seyum ayah mak omar toilet omar log omar rina duduk pokok kuning rina aween daun rina aween senyum rina aween sungai rina mak ayah bankgu ketawa rina posing toilet sharina rose the big boiys

i love the picture of Omar & Reena sitting in the middle of the Autumny field. their clothes matched and set a good contrast to the greenery background, they also have this peculiar greening smile that was were just perfect for a postcard picture, don’t you think?

fir solat mak ayah bangku mak ayah cili2 mak ayah pokok kuning mak berdiri mak with the boys maple tree nani baring nani solat nobirds rina solat

Everyone was busy collecting the maple leaves, but the most gorgeous of the leaves were not maple’s..they are..hurm, i don’t know.. but they are so pretty! well enough with araluen pictures, i will update again with more pictures soon… and maybe some videos as well, InsyaAllah..the video are done, only not uploaded yet je…

the best thing about pictures is, you get to relive the memories again and again and again. till then. wassalam.


  1. sis,
    the maple tree is damn beautiful.love it most and the creator ^_^


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