Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday blues

I am currently clearing up my home office, emptying my cheap ikea wire mesh drawer, arranging important documents into the Thai Pan rice cracker box that my husband foraged from Broadway Fair shopping centre but my mind was sidetracked. Instead of thinking about this move, I was swayed into thinking about my practice presentation next week, my collected samples that desperately need to be RNA extracted and my heart... Oh my heart yearns to find just that quiet place where I could be alone by myself and write and write and write to my heart's content.

A place where the only sounds you'd hear are of the keyboards tapping, heavy rains pouring onto the roof, and the deafening voice of my thoughts, making sense of this research and forming links between these 3 distinct ideas that I now called my PhD.

I am tired from a day's work. I am tired from the packing and cleaning that seemed to have taken over my life and I am mostly just physically tired from my 2 am collection yesterday. Truth is, I haven't had enough sleep since then and I reaaly don't know if I would ever get to compensate for it this weekend.

So here I am quitely telling myself to be strong,Intan. Allah doesn't like a whinger. It is not like I am tired because of 28 years of laborious work, it's not like I am tired because of malnutrition or war famine... I am tired because it so happen that everything that I love to do ( research, teaching, moving to a much cheaper house and reforming PhD support group) happen in the same week. It is in fact without a doubt a wonderful week all and all... But i am whinging about tiredness? Astaghfirullah... Forgive my insensitivity oh Allah. I hope to be a more grateful servant in the future,InsyaAllah.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

The 'It' rug

I seriously think that rug is an integral part of living room decor as it helps to define an area from another..especially important in open plan living situation.

But being the thing under our feet, most of us tend to think that they are of less importance. Often times they either get ignored or purposely chose in neutral colours in the hope that we do not have to change them when we decide to update our decor in the future..

At the moment, i am deeply in love with rugs that can make a statement. But having said that, i still do not want my rug to outshown my painstakingly painted pink furnitures.. So, what colour should i choose?

Green of course!

Green reminds me of the garden that i do not have living in a small apartment (on student allowance and all..) It brings my invincible outside room, inside. =^.^=

I haven't bought any rug, obviously...because that requires a carefully orchestrated discussion with the boss of the house, my hubby.. But, here are my inspirations...

Aren't they lovely?
These rugs are from the I will not be able to afford them, but i certainly find pleasure on swooning over them... =)

What do think?

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Pink strikes again

I am planning on my living and dining room decor.
What do you think about pink?
I love this colour (as you all probably know)... But i think i have not been decorating with pink enough..

It's about time that i start channelling my inner pink panther and start planning on how i can make pink works in my cozy little new apartment.

So I took my mood board out and start going crazy!
This is what i plan to do for my living and dining room. So far i am loving it!
I hope you guys too..

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