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 My little dollies

Little Blondie Emma

Lola told me that she was lonely, so I made her a friend, Emma.
I try to experiment sewing a different facial expression on Emma. I think she turned out all right. =)
Let’s go through step-by-step of how Emma finally come in to existence..hihihi..=^.^=
Firstly, I cut the outlines of the doll. Red for body. Yellow for hair and beige for the face. And blue for her skirt.
attach hands and legs to the shirtsew on the skirt 
after sewing the sides of the shirt/body, attach the hands and legs. sew a small dark blue pocket onto the skirt and sew the skirt onto the body.
close up facial expressionclose up pocketsew on her facial expression and attach the head to the body
sew facial expression onto the head and attach the head to the body. Here is also a close up of the pocket in case you are wondering…
BFFbff2Emma posing
I couldn’t resist getting Emma tried Lola’s lovely gloves and shoes. I also made them a green bag to put their tiny cakes and cookies in case they want to go out picnicking together…
When Emma wears that red sweater and green bag, she looks like she is going to school.
May be I should too… hikhikhik
I don’t know if I will be able to make more of these little friends now that the Uni is reopening… but I will post pictures if I do.. =^.^=
Hi everyone!
I have some colourful felts in my collection that are waiting to be transformed into something lovely. As I was browsing the web for some ideas, I accidentally bumped into a cute & quirky doll making site in Flickr here. I couldn’t help my self but to try and make one.
My little dolly girl is called Lola.
She likes to play dress up and bake cakes.
She wears little red bows in her hair and cutesy little brown mittens
tiny pocket
There is a perfectly functional pocket in her dress, and on the other side the dress is adorned with tiny rogue heart.
Tiny brown shoes that completely changeable. very cute!
I want to squish her right now!
I am making some tiny cakes for her to play to go now…busy3x…. hiks.

F e s t i v e . c o o k i e s

I was looking through a recipe magazine and found a delightful idea of giving away edible presents during the festive seasons… a major economic saviour I must say from the tradition of giving away money. I wonder what are the kids going to react to this? Well, you know what they say, it’s the thought that counts..hiks…
meringue biscuit close up
The cookies that I made were “Chocolate Chip Meringues”. Before wrapping it all pretty and nice, the cookies will have to be wrapped with a parchment paper and secured with a clear tape. This is an important step to prevent the oils from absorbing on to the wrapper. Luckily meringues have very low fat content which made it a perfect cookie for gift wrapping.
Choose a pretty wrapping paper, and draw exactly like I did in the picture. Make sure the cookie can sit nicely in the middle of the square. Cut the areas marked “X”.fold it
Fold the sides like in the picture. tape it securely
Grab a cookie and put it in the centre. Tape the folded sides using a clear tape.close it using double sided tape
Now fold the remaining sides together and tape one on to the other using a double sided tape.
dress it with a paper bandduobiscuit close up
If you have a bit more time, you can also dress the wrapper with a band of contrasted coloured paper.
prettify with cutoutsribbonize
And of course you can prettify them with more cute embellishments if you like. I, in particular love embellishments. =^.^=
Now, it is hard to stop once you’ve started cookie giving (or barter trading) with your friends. But who can find the time to bake the cookies all the time right? So like me, you could theoretically buy the cookies and wrap them instead. the cookies may not be “home-made” but they still look the same. And in my case, it might also taste better. =)
or You can bake the cookies and let the kids have fun embellishing the wrapper!
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