Sunday, December 11, 2011

as the sun sets into the sea of clouds

Because it was a late afternoon flight, sunset happened 2 hours post boarding. For the first time, I got to see sunset in person. Unlike watching the sun giving its way to night time at beaches, watching sunset on the air was rather unique. From the cabin window I saw a sea of clouds below me, with dimming ray of sun on the horizon. The sky above the cloud was as clear as the ocean. E clouds beneath me was dark... So i suppose it must already be quite dark down there.

It was my luck that no one end up taking the seat on my left. So i got to scoot over near the window to observe this rather rare phenomenon. Well to me it is rare. To the flight captain, this is probably nothing new. 

Dinner consist of bbq chicken, some warm salads and a few potato wedges. My husband enjoyed two helpings of in flight meals. Portions were small and we were extremely hungry given the fact that we arrived at the airport 6 hours ahead of departure time...well, who's idea was that? 

5 hours later, we arrived at kl lcc terminal. Although we were inspected for bombs and explosives as we left perth customs... Our arrival at lcct was greeted warmly. Other than the shortcut pasport check by one seriously grumpy young man, Everything else was pleasant. I still very much could not believe that I am already in kl. There had been so much changes around here. Before i left perth airport, i silently wished that my malaysian holiday will be a long, calming and relaxing one. 

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