Sunday, June 26, 2011

Blogpress dilemma

Owh darlings,
This world of rapid technology advancement makes everyone "on the go" feels pressured to keep up with the no looking back attitude of the current tech trend.

I am a writer at heart. So when I bought my first iphone, i felt the need to have a "desktop blogging app" in my iphone so that i could write whenever. It turned out that iphone screen real estate is just much too quaint for my liking, so i jolly wolly hoppity hopped to the shop and bought my next tech marvel, the ipad.

It's good that the iphone version of blogpress could also be used in my ipad. But still, the touch screen keypad, though spacey, is still rather "unreal" and unsatisfying.. ( i never thought i'd ever seek satisfaction from a keyboard but you gotta demand the best for your money, right).

So far, i probably had only blogged twice from my iphone and a handful through my ipad. Before i even discover my devices full potential, new ones with better features came out. Evidently, while i was busy not using my tech devices, other people are competing and making new ones.

I decided that may be its time to stop trying to compete with the rapid tech movement and stick with what novelty devices that i have. Keep them and use them to their fullest potential, for my everyday life. Well, not only that being wasteful is environmentally unethical but believe it or not, it is very very very frowned upon, to the extend of possibly being sinful in Islam. Btw, i could not possibly indulge myself with new iphone5 or ipad3 when i had just treat myself with the "book", macbook pro.

I promise, this will be the last of my tech "lavishment" for a long time.. Pinky promise =^.^=

- Intan Zulkafli is using BlogPress from her iPad

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A simple life

When we were children, we always have either our moms or dads or brothers or sisters or teachers that we can turn to for problems. Be it personal or mathematical, they were always there to help. As I grew up to be a woman, I realized that the world I lived as a child was only a few steps away to becoming a dream. That world was always colourful and magical. There was no tears of frustration, friends were always genuine and helpful, playing was considered as learning, and not a day past without me feeling exhausted from too much playing.

I never imagined that I would look at the 9 year old me and wished that I had known how hard my mom suffered to support all three of us. I wished I had asked her was she tired? Does she want a glass of water after she returned home from work. When she did her post-grad training, I wished I had paid some attention to how she juggled family, work and children. My two eyes were just too naive to see pain and sufferings at that age. Life at that time was too consumed by homeworks, choir recitals, and plotting hard on how to conquer the LEGO game from my brother. I was selfish. All of us were. It's our selfishness that prevents us from the harsh reality of the adult world. Now, I wished I could revisit that simple life for a while. To see everything from a different angle. so that I could be more appreciative.

I am at the mid point of my research. I have a loving husband by my side, who sacrificed his career and withstand the painful mockery of surrounding people for being a house husband in order to take care of me. Yet, total happiness is far fetched and at times impossible to find. PhD is indeed a different world on it's own. Where every 10 people that entered it, one will surely go mad, but 9 would have had invaluable lessons on life that they bring home to their country once they finish. And you have no idea how much I pray everyday that I would be one of the nine people who succeed, InsyaALLAH.




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