Monday, February 20, 2012

secret hiding place


I am the kind of person that values my privacy above all else. 
I firmly believes that there is something sexy and sensual with being secretive and private.
And i guess, that's why lingerie is created. 
Being all the way exposed is just not fun... 

So for me, open plan living... I am just not a fan. It is just much too exposed for me.
But building a house with labyrinths  and secret passages is not possible too.
So that is why sheer curtain goes a long way. 

Here is an idea of how a tall curtain can be used as a successful room separator. 
It creates a hideaway from everything else that is going on in the house.
Though a good book always brings you into the zone no matter how hactic your surrounding is... 
But a good book plus "this" immediately brings you to near orgasmic pleasures, don't you think?


Pictures are from Mercedes Benz fashion week's Star lounge.

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