Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dalai Lama in Master chef!

Ah, life has been very pleasing. I actually had time to watch master chef last night. After an exhilarating week in new york, we had a sneak peak on what is coming up next week. From the preview, what's coming up will be even more exciting. The Holiness Dalai Lama will be coming as a guest judge. I saw in the preview how everyone lighted up when they saw His Holiness entered the kitchen. They were talking about how proud they feel for having Dalai Lama in the kitchen, it was an honour for them. Something I completely understand.

947039-dalai-lama-masterchef.jpg 606833-masterchef.jpg

When I looked at their star struck faces I cried. I cried because that is how I would feel if I saw Rasulullah S.A.W in front of my eyes, walking into my kitchen. I cried because of all the glorious person that he is, I could only know him from a distance, from stories. But the one thing that broke my heart the most is the fact that while Dalai Lama is being celebrated, Prophet Muhammad is being condemned and made fun of. A well known priest of atheism referred to Muslims for being stupid for following him, a person who "hears things" whispered to his ears. Which angers me a little bit. I am fine with people not wanting to believe him, or Allah, or the holy book the Quran. But to be rude is just unacceptable.

Curiously, people ask me why I hate evolution. This is why. Evolution is fake, and it drives people away from God.

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