Sunday, January 15, 2012

Growing up in 2012

The year 2012 arrived with a lot of mixed emotions. I was holidaying in KL in December... So I, amongst many people, had wished that time had stood still... That December had never ended. Mostly because 2012 is like a big bell, reminding me that I have been Intan Suhana Zulkafli for 30 years on this earth. Despite having 30 years of rekod amalan, 30 years of life experiences, I still feel very small, very minute, very insignificant.

And i realize now, that i will forever be a small person in this big material world. I only seek to be useful, to be knowledgable, to be an inspiration to many. It's a big dream for which I do not know how far am I to achieving it. Like most small, insignificant people, all I could do is to try my best hoping that my best is good enough to secure me a place in this world and a place in the hereafter.

I am now at the coziest place on the planet. A place where i feel most at home, in my bedroom, sitting at my home office desk, writing... It is such a blessing to still be able to think, to feel, to laugh and to cry and then to write all about it back in this blog. I had many wishes this year, but my number one wish is:
1) to seek to be happy every second of my life regardless the circumstances.
2) less talking and more listening to my hubby, to my family and to my friends..
3) to communicate my feelings through real life communication, not through facebook..
4). To be positive and inspired every single day

Thanks to Allah who gave me courage to go through 2011. He lend me a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, a forgiving embrace at my happiest time as well as during the darkest of times. Ya Allah, guide me to go through another year successfully.. Ameen.

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