Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Where there's a will, there's a way (to write)...

I used to blog through windows live journal. Love that software to bits. Then, several years ago, I switched to macbook pro for my PhD because I needed the power to handle SPSS, excel (heavy spreadsheets), Rotorgene, MS word and Endnote all at the same time. Love that notebook to bits too. But I also realised that after the switch, my blogging activity immediately reached a new low. This is partly because I was busy (of course I'd give the easy excuse...) but mostly because, there is nothing equivalent to windows live journal in this super computer (bummer). Oh, did you buy my lame excuses? I did not. Some wise person used to say..."Where there's a will, there's a way." Clearly my writing will was not strong enough for me to reach to the super computer and write. End of story. Now, while I am already on the computer, I might as well write something... And I want to start with an update. I 2013, I returned back from my studies, having been doing experiments non-stop for 3 and a half years during my Phd, I was planning to do some writing in Malaysia. But look at how that turns out? Only after 2 years in Malaysia did I manage to finish my writing amidst teaching and various admin works in my new workplace. 2015 was the year when my thesis was finally accepted. It was such a glorious time for me. I am mostly overjoyed by this particular milestone because firstly, I have spent several precious years of my life committed to getting a PhD and I did. One life goal achieved there. But more importantly, I can open up my life to something else. Now, I can focus on health, being happy, nurturing my students, spending time with my ageing parents, see the world and all in all, just being authentically me.
Now, if I am awake at 2.30 am, I am doing in on purpose. I am awake because I am passionate to write, to do some artwork or to just enjoy the tranquility of the midnight. NOT because I couldn't book the PCR machine during the day so I have to do it at night.
Putting all my PhD related stories archived in my memories, I am ready for new chapters in my life. PhD taught me to be a scientist, to be a team member, to be a leader and to be a speaker. My hats off to my two supervisors. More stories about PhD to come. Meanwhile, lets listen to the sweet breathing of the El Nino currently sweeping all over Malaysia. Home feels home, even if Ringgit is weak, houses are super expensive and my salary could be better ( seriously, human resource, you should really look into this). But yes... home is home. and nothing is better than home. I would say with the exception of Mekah, but in truth Mekah feels more like home to me sometimes. With love, Ana.

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